social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is the management of a brand or company’s communication and advertising on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus etc.

Social media marketing is of two types:

Social media management and social media marketing or social media advertising. The first one is to maintain the brand or the company’s communications while the second is to advertise using a certain amount of spend.

As a social media agency or social media marketing agency, we have two separate teams which handle social marketing and social advertising. This includes Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, twitter marketing etc.

For media spends, we also manage Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, twitter advertising and other social media platforms for advertising.

Whether it is lead generation, fan acquisition, post boosts, local business ads, geographic location ads, as a social media agency, we manage all the above and a lot more.

Social advertising is done for many reasons by a brand or a company. It could be for brand awareness through social media, sales, new product launches etc.

Features of Social Media Optimization:

  • 1. Most effective way to promote brand
  • 2. Easy way to target audience by using best targeted words
  • 3. Rapid growth and popularity of your brand
  • 4. Increase inbound links