The one where we made you switch off your TV and tune into #DharalaPrabhuOnPrime!

An influencer marketing campaign to promote the digital release of the Tamil film, Dhara Prabhu on Amazon Prime Video.


Promote the digital premier of the movie and reach 13M+ fans through a well thought-out influencer marketing strategy.

11 days

What we did:

How do you promote a digital premier of a movie when the entire country is locked inside their homes? Well, you tap into their social media feed through the faces they love, personalities they aspire to be and memes they love to share! We got 19 A-list influencers, 10 ultra famous memers and 20 industry reviewers on board for a 2-week long social media advertising campaign!

Let's influence!

So, with all kinds of influencers on board, how do we get them to talk about our movie without sounding too promotion-y and branded? We tie the movie with their social media feed! From pictures with their doggos to memes that talk about people and not the movie, we seeded over 100 posts during the campaign! and none of them looked like an influencer talking about a product! that was hard to execute and even harder to achieve!

Did you do the #45SecondsChallenge?

What's a movie promotion without a challenge, amirite? Well, we succumbed to the cliché and started a #45SecondsChallenge with our A-list influencers! The fans loved it. What's better? They interacted with our hashtag even more and continued to be a part of this online conversation about Dharala Prabhu.

Numbers don't lie!

Reach: 14.2 million

Engagement: 2 million+

Engagement rate: 16%

After 11 sleepless nights, 6431 changes, 1565 client calls and countless energy drinks, we did outdid our target and how!