The one where we made you #CheerNonStop for India

A campaign that ensured that with every 6 or 4 India hits at the world cup, cricket lovers are able to cheer the team on, uninterrupted.



Leveraging the cricket season to drive conversations in a manner that is relevant to our audience. Positioning Cofsils as the enabler of uninterrupted cheering this cricket season.

3 months
Creative & Video

The Insight

Every once in four years, cricket lovers rejoice for the World Cup season finally arrives. Most of you would agree when we say cricket is nothing short of a religion in India and our loyalty & support for Team India knows no bounds. With every cricket match, our cheer levels touch the roof! And when the cheering goes on non-stop, chances of getting a sore throat increases.

Enter Cofsils, the enabler of uninterrupted cheering this cricket season.

A launch video that played on the strings of nostalgia and touched every cricket follower’s heart.


A dedicated website with the “Cheerometer” that encouraged cricket fans to record their cheer for team India and join the Cofsils Cheer gang!

Creative formats on digital to continuously engage our audience

The campaign across all channels garnered 169 mn impressions.

The landing page recorded a total 900,000+ clicks, 105,000+ recorded cheers and 1200+ leads.

The #CofsilsCheerNonStop also trended on twitter :)

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