Rising with the sun

One of Asia's largest television network.
One of our own and in a league of its own.

#ItsOurBrand but you never know


25 hours a day, 9125 hours a year, work that never stopped and efficiency that was never questioned. A whole new identity to the sun network like never before was just the start of all things good, we’ve hit 50+ successful social media campaigns for the media giant, run riots with our YouTube management, explored the world of social media and all available platforms to reach out to the little that don’t fall as part of our TG and HOW!

Simply put,it's quite #SociallySun out there!

Brand Objective:

Entertain the masses. Go for glory.
#1, now and always.

  • Client Mandate
  • To create a captive digital audience to engage, interact & entertain leading to channel tune-ins.
  • Time Period
  • 365+ Days
  • SOW
  • Handle the digital presence of Sun Network and the innumerous channels across various mediums, television commercials, YouTube & customer support.

Where do we start?

Innovations while the sun rises...

& trends while it sets!

YouTube Management

A Mammoth task handled by our team with sheer resilience and perfection, this was one you just can't ignore! 20,000+ YouTube videos in 3 quarters of a year, revenue generation in crores & 200 + Digital exclusive content for the umbrella of brands that fall under this massive network! What does the client have to say? Well, they just took a bow!

All this across

4 states & 4 languages.

  • Team Composition - 70

  • Determination - 700

  • Goals - 1

#1, Now and Always.

30,000+ Creatives
200+ Digital Exclusives
20,000+ YouTube Videos
50+ Successful social media campaigns
50+ Television Commercials in record time
8 Channels of Communication
1 Network

And the results are out...