Easy definitely ended here!

But then again, Level toh alag hi hai!

India's biggest Table Tennis league with top ranked players from across the world, and rightly so!


Branding requirements for the 18 day tournament across 3 Cities - Kolkata, Pune & Delhi in 2 years. Added to this, outdoor branding, malls & airports add to the tally!


A campaign hashtag that does more than justice to itself with an absolutely phenomenal season full of celebrations, heartbreaks, victories, losses & most importantly sporting action at it's best!

Client Mandate:

Conceptualizing a look & feel for the brand Ultimate Table Tennis that could be used across mediums and platforms be it offline or digital.

  • 2018-2020...
  • Time Period 3+ years
  • SOW
  • Handle the offline presence of the brand across various platforms that include Print Media, Venue Branding, ATL & sponsorship entitlements.

What have we done?

2000+ artworks

30,000+ sq.ft. of branding

Print & OOH

The result?

30,000+ sq.ft. of impecable branding
2000+ creatives & counting...
20+ Nationalities - Yearly photoshoots
11 Cities - OOH Coverage
200+ Sponsorship entitlement decks.

A job done to perfection brought home the complete digital and offline mandate for the biggest Table Tennis league in the country! Could it get any better at all? From then on #LevelAlagHai sounded just about perfect to us!