ting things

Going viral is a skill your brand can master with us!

The man in his 40s next to you on the train is scrolling through it. The person who’s come to fix your broken fan is killing time on it. You’re probably going to open the app once you’re done reading this. Yes, we’re talking about social media!

So before you roll your eyes and unpause that viral video on the app, give our thoughts a read!


Breaking news! Nobody is a social media expert. Such is the dynamism of this virtual world that not one person can have a complete grasp over it. Did anyone predict TikTok to be THIS big this soon? Probably not! But here we are, with our selfie camera on, a song in the background and our hair game on fleek! Facebook ads are the best way to invest in social media marketing right now and other platforms are perfect to build a community! We really are living in a social media universe.



On a serious-ish note, we all know how Tik tok advertising has seen tremendous growth and basically, if you’re new to it, you’re probably a little late to the party. This new platform for content creators is a great source of video marketing for brands using well established influencers. This platform has also made us think out of the box. If you want to advertise on Tik Tok, you have to think of multiple layers of audiences and then create content accordingly. It is very different to how anyone approaches Facebook advertising for example.

Apart from TiKTok, there are other mainstream social media platforms that continue to be a great outlet for brands to reach out to new people and remind the old ones they still exist! From Instagram’s influencer marketing, Facebook digital marketing, LinkedIn’s community building to Snapchat’s filter frenzy, there are still a lot of social media platforms that offer a lot to a customer and the advertiser. What does that mean for you? Well, it just means you’ve got a lot more ways to reach out to people!