The one where we took our packaging game to the Max!

Max Protein Launch


While Max Protein dominated the health and wellness market as one of the oldest players in the protein game, the market itself had changed. Young India needed clean labels, less fluff and a more contemporary approach when it came to branding and packaging. That meant only one thing for our branding team - months of sleepless nights, excessive caffeine intake and a brilliant new brand persona built from the ground up at Ting.

Always judge a bar by its cover

When it comes to a brand like Max Protein, first impressions are everything. Our first order of business involved moving away from the deliberate machismo of the original packaging to a new design that was exciting, innovative, clean and above all, would appeal to women and young millenials as well. We ended up designing over 60 packaging units and thereby, completely overhauling the look of the products through our creative packaging designs.

Making chips great again

Chips that are packed with proteins and are actually good for you? After stuffing our faces and filling our tummies, we extended the new, refreshed brand style to Max Protein Chips as well and designed all the packaging for it too.

Say Cheese Quinoa Crispies!

What's the point of great product packaging design if you can't show it off as well? Which is why we got our in-house photography team to fire up their cameras and capture some lush flatlays, product shots, action shots and whatnot.

Gettin' creative

Yep, we went the whole nine yards with a range of different ATL, BTL and digital creatives in addition to transforming their website too. Phew.


Max Protein bars saw an exponential rise in sales post the brand refresh. And since we had the complete 360 degree mandate for the brand, we'd like to think we were slightly responsible for this surge!