Brand Video Content – Trending And How!

As Jeff Bezos said - “your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room”

How people feel about your product or service, and how they perceive your company is your brand. And a brand video is one that helps you express what you stand for and what you offer to your consumers. A branding video could be a storytelling video sharing how you started your business. It could be an explainer video about your offerings or about how you function as a business.

The purpose of a branding video is to introduce your brand to your potential customers. It helps you share your unique story and flaunt your company culture. So whether your business is over a decade old or just a six-month-old baby, video content can help you reach your audience and help in your growth exponentially. Still not convinced about having a brand video? Let’s look at the importance of having video content.

Why is video content important for your business?

Content is king, they say. But content is not just one single entity. It’s a whole umbrella that covers various aspects of content like text, images, info-graphics and video, and so on. The word content might trigger some to think of a text as the most fundamental form of it. However, the real king in content is not text—it’s video. Did you know

  • 96% of consumers prefer watching an explainer video to know more about a product or a service. The video has convinced people to make purchases and a remarkable 89% of the people feel that way.

  • Google also has revealed that half of their 18-34-year-old subscribers leave whatever they’re doing to watch the latest video from their favourite YouTuber. Moreover, 60% of the GenZers and Millennials say that some videos they’ve watched have altered the way they perceive the world.

We could go on and on with more numbers, but the fact is that video is the king and it’s indeed making its way to the throne it righteously deserves. So, it’s high time you capitalize on this opportunity to reach your potential consumers – by making attention-grabbing and engaging videos. And if you ask us, a branding video could be a great way to begin. Now that you know the importance of video content for your business, let’s look at the different types of brand films you can create.

Types of branded videos;

  • Brand storytelling video
    As the name suggests, these are the videos where you can share your origin story. Consumers are more likely to buy from you when they know your values and beliefs. And branding video is probably the best way to share your driving principles. You can consider working with a team of professionals who can beautifully craft your brand story. Professional studio team and writers can help you communicate your company beliefs and its identity in the most creative & captivating manner.

  • Case study video
    People need to trust your brand before they make a purchase, a massive 81% of prospects consider the trust factor before proceeding to buy something. And how do you help them build trust? We believe case studies offer a perfect solution. You can start by sharing all the success stories of your past clients, how you helped them achieve something or how your product or service solved their problem. And these videos can be made entertaining, witty, and creative – however, you like it. Branding videos like these boost customer engagement and also establish faith in your business.

  • Social experience videos
    These are the videos where you bring in the two biggest human emotions – surprise and delight. These are the scenarios where you surprise brand lovers with your special offerings and capture their joy in the video. Videos like these are loved by social media users and often go viral. And as a brand, such positive virality not only attracts more customers but also earns you more fans for your brand. If you don’t want to take this social experiment route, you can take traditional routes for a branding video showcasing your product or service. It could be a simple explainer or a tutorial.

  • Other types of branded content
    There are numerous ways to create a branding video. It could be an engaging short film with a subtle brand plug-in. Or you can take proven ways like a testimonial, or product/service video. You can have a company event video and company culture videos too, both having their unique benefits. Behind-the-scenes videos are also getting popular lately and have the potential to reach more people.

All in all, a branding video is an excellent way to get more brand awareness, build a good rapport with customers, pique their interest in your brand, and show how your brand stands apart from competitors. Now if you’re wondering where to begin with video making, we suggest working with a professional agency that can guide you at every step and deliver a high-quality brand film. We at ting have dedicated teams of writers, creative strategists, and a seasoned studio team who can create stellar videos for your brand. So if you’re interested then connect with us today and let’s create something extraordinary for your brand.