Three ways professional photography benefits your business

The human brain is built for visual processing. Did you know that 90% of all the information processed by your brain is just visual? And your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. These insights tell us the massive impact visual content has on people and brands who optimize their strategy using these insights and are most likely to succeed. Since the majority of marketing efforts take place on social media platforms, which rely on pictures, you ought to have high-quality images to grab the attention of your potential customers.

Also, you might be surprised but humans take barely 13 milliseconds to process an image. So your target audience takes less than a second to judge your product! It means you have very little time to make your first impression count. If you really want to influence your target market through image-based marketing, then you should consider working with a professional photography agency.Indeed, an agency has seasoned photographers, and the best resources and equipment but it’s more than that. Below are some key benefits your business can avail of by working with a seasoned photoshoot agency.

Separates you from the crowd

Whatever product your business may offer, there are likely other businesses in the market that are already offering the same thing. So how do you stand out from them? That’s where a photo agency comes into the picture. Working with an agency not only helps you have impeccable images but it adds a touch of uniqueness to your visuals. And that’s how you separate from the crowd. Your competition might be using the best stock images out there, but you will outperform their marketing efforts any day with professional photography.

The internet is so full of stock images, although those pictures might seem nice they take away an opportunity to showcase your originality. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words and you would want to ensure that all the images on your website and social channels communicate exactly what you want them to. And an agency can help you get it right - adding a touch of individuality to your pictures and giving you an edge over all your competitors.

Picture-perfect, literally

You have a beautiful, masterfully engineered product. And working with a professional photography agency will ensure that your product looks as impressive in the picture. How? Well, the secret lies in technical expertise. There are several components that make a picture a great one, those are – lighting, composition, angles, and so on. By working with an agency you have an experienced photographer working for you, who is well aware of these technical aspects.

Even things like having the right backdrop for your product can make a huge difference. Since photographers in an agency have great experience working with different brands and shooting a variety of products, they know all the nitty-gritty of clicking a picture. And it’s not just a technical advantage that you get by hiring them – but you also benefit from their creative acumen. These seasoned professionals add a creative touch to pictures of the product, making them all the more attractive.

Lesser hassle

It might seem daunting to even decide what to convey and how to achieve it through photography. But you can get rid of all the confusion and hassle by working with a photoshoot agency. Professional photographers of the agency will take care of all the logistics of this entire process. They know what needs to be done to address all of your needs and wants. Apart from taking the logistical reins, they also ensure the best editing and retouching, etc. As a result, you have high-quality, flawless pictures.

Lastly, one important aspect of establishing a powerful brand image is visual storytelling, and no one aces that as professional photographers do. They know what and how to convey your brand through pictures, which really makes your business more attractive than others in the market. These photographers enable you to tell your brand story without having to say a word. So working with an agency not only gets you amazing pictures but also helps you with increased brand recognition.

To sum it up, those were the key benefits your business can get by hiring a professional photo agency.They know how to make your products look good enough to entice your potential customers when they see them. It enables you to show your uniqueness in the most colorful and appealing way, thanks to the creative and technical expertise photographers at an agency have. Are we talking about the ones here at ting? Yes, of course! If you would like to have a picture-perfect appearance of your brand and your products, then connect with us and we would be only happy to lend you our expertise. Let’s get clicking!