Employer Branding

Employer branding? What does it even mean? In simple terms, employer branding refers to how your employees perceive your company. It refers to your company’s reputation as a potential employer. It also focuses on the value proposition your company offers to its employees. The process of building and sustaining your organization’s brand as an employer is called employer branding. It encompasses office branding, social presence, internal and external communication, employee value proposition and so on.

How important employer branding is for your company?

Your brand is not limited to the products or services you offer to your customers, your media interactions, customer service and the website. Your branding has to include the impact you have on your employees, both potential and existing ones.

The word branding might make you think about how your company influences your prospective clients and customers. While all that is valid, employer branding should also be equally valuable for your company. It makes you all the more desirable not only to potential employees but also improves your brand image in the eyes of your customers and clients.

A significant 75% of job seekers look up your company even before applying for a job. And that itself says a lot about how crucial employer branding is! It tells you that company reputation is the first thing employees are concerned about. So you ought to ensure that everything from your careers page and social handles to internal communication is in line with your branding goals.

If the company branding is not so good then it’s likely that 69% of candidates might outright reject the offer. It shows that even the fear of being unemployed doesn’t deter the job seeker from taking up an offer from a company with a poor reputation. You must have compelling external communication as well as an internal communication strategy.

Best practices to build robust employer branding

The idea of building an employer brand might sound vague initially. But that’s where we come in. There are specific steps you can take to create an attractive employer brand and we’ll guide you through it all. While it involves everything from your digital presence to internal and external communication, below are a few key practices a company should incorporate for their employer branding.

Insightful video content

Creating video content is probably the best thing you can do for your business. It helps your company come across as reliable. If you’re showing what goes inside the company out to the world, it speaks volumes about the transparency you practice. And that really attracts the right kind of talent pool. What you’re communicating through these videos is indeed critical.

A video called Google interns’ first week is one of the best internal and external communication examples. It gives a peek into the lives of new interns at Google. Content like this is appreciated by not only employees and your customers but also strengthens your overall brand reputation.

Go beyond the careers page

Employer branding is far more than a careers page on your website. When a candidate or even a customer is considering working with you, they tend to look beyond your typical careers or services page on your website. You can outperform your competitors by sharing employee stories on your website and social handles. You can also share all the employee benefits and perks people at your organization have, along with a dedicated FAQ section. The more information you share about your company, the more authentic you come across. And what matters here more is the tone and way in which you communicate. If you really want to grab the attention of your target audiences, your office branding and communication have to be creatively captivating.

Improve your internal communication

Internal communication refers to how the information is communicated between colleagues and across departments in your company. This is applicable throughout the management as well as the employee chain. Some internal communication examples are emails, presentations, meetings, instant messaging and even training sessions. When you put efforts into creating the best possible internal business communication, it increases employee engagement and also improves productivity. Excellent internal office communication also enhances employee experience.

Of all the benefits employer branding brings to a company, the best one is it turns your employees into brand advocates. And that immensely boosts your social reach because now your employees will also be spreading the word about your company in their social circles. It also magnifies your brand visibility, setting you on a greater path of growth.

Now if you’re wondering where to even begin with your employer branding, we’d suggest starting with crafting beautiful internal communications because that’s the first touch point you have with your employees. Attracting the best talent with a great retention rate, having high employee morale and also garnering attention from your customers, are all possible when you work on your employer branding. At ting, we have a team of creative professionals waiting to build an impressive employer brand for your company. Reach out to us today for your internal communication and employer branding requirements.