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Skyrocket your brand’s growth with video content


In 2022, a whopping 82% of internet traffic came from video streaming and downloads alone, as reported by Cisco. Thus, we know that internet users spend most of their time-consuming content. So, as a company offering a product or a service, now you know how to reach your target audience effectively – with an excellent brand video , DVC/TVC, product/service video, etc. Basically, communicate your message to your potential buyers through videos.

And the good news is, customers are interested in watching more videos from the brand they want to support. Data from HubSpot tells us that 54% of people want to see more video content from brands. Video is undoubtedly an impactful marketing tool. Social media channels are the favorite among netizens when it comes to video consumption. So now you have both the channel and the method to reach your audience and convert them into customers.

Also, you might not have an in-house studio team to create videos for you, but that’s when you should consider hiring an agency offering you the video production services you need. Let’s look at the different types of video content you can consider creating for your target audience and fetching you the best ROI –

Types of video content

Brand video: Awareness comes at the top of the marketing funnel and exposing your brand, what you do, to your audience is the key requirement for every company. Brand videos offer the perfect solution to this. These videos are short and they help you express your brand’s personality to your audience. With great storytelling and perfectly encapsulating your brand’s offerings, you can create an attention-grabbing brand video, getting all the more leads. Working with a professional video production company could help new brands break into the market with a beautiful brand video.

Educational videos: No one likes a relationship where only one party is giving and another is just receiving. While your customers are giving you money for your offerings, you ought to step up and give them more than your product or service. Educational videos are the best way to give back to your consumers. These videos can share knowledge or tips on relevant subjects. It helps build trust among your customers and establishes authority.

Social media videos: Social media is the place where the vast majority of internet traffic is – so it’s pretty apparent that a brand wanting to reach its customers should have a strong presence on social media. Social media videos, be it reels, short videos, and commercials are some of the most engaging video formats out there. One thing to note here is that every platform offers different video formats and you need to create videos tailored to that platform for the best results. You can consider working with a professional video company to create amazing videos for various social platforms.

Explainer/tutorial video: Many times the lack of knowledge to use a product or service deter customers from buying them. Explainer videos, as the name suggests, offer a simple guide to using your product or service and thus, solving the said problem. The best way to use explainer videos is probably to use them as advertisements. When you promote such value-adding information through videos, it increases the worth of your offering all the more. Working with seasoned media production companies,you can chalk out a perfect promotional strategy for your brand.

The list of different types of videos you can create for your business is endless. Testimonials, video emails, 360-degree experience videos, animation, vlogs, corporate video production and it can go on and on. The key here is to understand what you as a company have in store for your consumers. And then creating a winning content strategy that perfectly captures your brand in a creative fashion. Yes, this indeed requires an expertise-driven approach. But hey, that’s when our team comes into the picture.

The importance of video content for your business

  • Videos increase sales. A well-crafted video can indeed skyrocket your sales. Data suggests that a significant 74% of people went ahead and purchased the product after consuming educational content around it.

  • Video content boosts your ROI. Videos are a must-have when it comes to marketing strategies today. Since it’s the most-loved content format among people, it’s bound to get you more reach and eventually more leads.

  • Videos gain the trust of your potential consumers. A beautifully crafted video communication works like a charm in winning your customers’ attention and establishing faith in your products or services.

We could go on with the reasons you should have video content in your strategy. The value it adds is truly unmatched. If you would like your brand to avail all these amazing advantages, then it’s time you connect with a team of professional strategists. And you don’t even have to go too far looking for one. Here at Ting, you will find an expert studio team as well as seasoned creatives who can devise a stellar video content strategy for your company. Connect with us today.