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Attabuoy is a dynamic and fresh young clothing brand that speaks to the youth and everything they aspire to be. They pride themselves on first and foremost, creating the best quality clothing that matches market trends and pushes the envelope when it comes to style and design. They came seeking our digital advertising expertise to help them sell their products online.

The single line brief was to generate sales for them through Facebook and Instagram. But straight off the bat, we knew this dynamic brand would need some dynamic digital marketing solutions to stand out from the competition. Because in this day and age, you have innumerable clothing brands online trying to sell their wares, we definitely had to do something different.

We started by employing a performance based dynamic creative approach. Which meant that we let the numbers dictate our future moves instead of running on assumptions. Top performing SKU promotions also helped us bring home the numbers the client had been dreaming about. But what truly did it for this brand was our mapping of consumer shopping patterns. Again, we didn't run on assumptions but actually deep dived into decoding how the brand's ideal target audience behaves. When do they shop for clothes? What time? What are the devices they use and who exactly are these people? All this information helped us create much more effective campaigns, be it for our regular performance advertising or mobile advertising.

When a client comes seeking our expertise for their ecommerce solutions, we always ask them to set a target for us to work with. Because then we know when we have exceeded that target and proved ourselves. For Attabuoy, we were able to deliver returns of Rs.18 for every 1 rupee spent. That's the kind of result that truly earns you an attaboy from the client!


  • Facebook E-commerce Sales


  • Facebook

  • Instagram


  • Performance based Dynamic creatives

  • Top performing SKU promotions

  • Mapping shopping patterns based on:


    Day | Time | Device | Gender | Location

  • Multi-Ad format


    Carousel | Collection and Feed Ads | Single product


  • Extremely high ROAS

  • Return of INR 18 for every INR 1 spent

  • Growth of sales MOM Avg. 15% over 1 year