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Smaaash can best be described as one of the biggest and most innovative play arenas in the country. Be it games for toddlers or futuristic virtual reality experiences that even grandparents love, Smaaash has consistently managed to delight people of all ages. Over the years, Smaaash outlets have grown exponentially in number, making it extremely vital for the brand to have an agency that can help them cover all bases when it comes to digital marketing and advertising.

Our association with Smaaash has spanned years and crossed across every kind of collateral you can imagine. From print and outdoor campaigns to social media management and SEO services to in-store branding, we've done it all and then some more! However, if you ask our digital team, they'll tell you our biggest challenge was generating organic traffic for the Smaaash website through Google Search Engine Optimization.

Similar to search engine marketing, search engine optimization too is an extremely dynamic space. A true SEO expert doesn't just know what works, but is also well versed with the ever-changing rules of the game. We started our journey by first deep diving into the website and tinkering with the technical aspects to make it SEO friendly. After identifying the most relevant keywords, we started collecting quality and relevant backlinks. This was followed by Google business listings for local outlets and creating and executing customized off-page submissions.

The end result? To begin with, there was a 51% increase in website clicks followed by a jaw-dropping 175% uplift in user sessions once they arrived on the website. The conversion rate went up by 67% as well, while we also pulled a 158% increase in organic users on the website. All in all, it's safe to say that we more than lived up to the task of generating organic traffic to the Smaaash website. In other words, it was a Smaaashing success.


  • Generate organic website traffic


  • Google Search Engine Optimization


  • Fixed all technical issues on the website to make it SEO friendly

  • Identified keywords to gain 'quick wins'

  • Improve the website's authority by collecting quality and relevant backlinks

  • Created Google Business listings for local outlets – local SEO

  • Customized off page submissions


  • Uplift in user/sessions by 175%

  • Increase in conversion rate by ~67%

  • Uplift of organic users by ~158%

  • Increase in Mobile traffic by ~73%

  • Organic traffic jump from 12185 to 31427 visits per month

  • Increase in visibility score by ~158%

  • Jump in CTR from 1% to 13.32%

  • Increase in website clicks by 51%


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