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Wellbeing Nutrition is a dynamic, young player in the nutraceutical space in India. Their products not only aim to deliver cutting-edge nutrition solutions but also inspire a complete revamp of unhealthy lifestyles. As a result, they have become more of a lifestyle for many people around the country.

Their very first product - Daily Greens - is an effervescent tablet that delivers 39 essential vegetables, all in one tablet. When Wellbeing Nutrition first approached us for our digital marketing services, all they had with them was this brilliant little product and an ambition of selling extensively online. We not only created their custom Shopify website for them but also created extensive brand awareness assets, managed their social media pages and ran sales campaigns across platforms including Amazon ads. Let's dive deeper into the sales campaign for this amazing brand.

The main objective was to achieve multi-platform sales for the brand. Our selected platforms ranged from social channels like Facebook and Instagram to e-commerce retailers like Amazon and Flipkart too. Google Search, Google Display and YouTube were also added to the mix. Which meant we left no stone unturned to ensure we reached out to their potential customers in every possible way be it channel focused acquisition or multi channel attribution. One of our prime strategies included target audience based differential communication. This ensured we picked the best communication strategies for all our various different target audience subsets. Finally, remarketing campaigns ensured we were able to seal the deal with these potential customers be it on google or through Amazon advertising.

While our sales objective was around 1000 units per month, we finished off the first quarter with over 5000 units sold successfully online. With an average ticket size of Rs.900 and a return on spends of 1:7, we can safely say the client was more than satisfied with the results.


  • Multi-platform E-commerce Sales


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Google Search

  • Google Shopping

  • Amazon

  • Flipkart

  • Organic (SEO)

  • YouTube

  • Google Display


  • Awareness based Omni channel campaign

  • Topic based video marketing

  • Hyper-local targeted Ads

  • Cross selling

  • Influencer led growth strategy


  • For a 2-month period, sales via Online channel increased by 50% per month as compared to past month sales

  • Youtube got us the best results as keywords, channels, Topic and Interests and Recipe related spaces were targeted

  • Views were achieved as low as under INR 0.2 and clicks to the third-party website were achieved at around INR 1