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JW Computers is one of the most recognised names in Australia when it comes to computers and accessories. They provide end to end solutions to all your computer needs, which means you can not only purchase a wide range of read to use computers but also buy specific parts that you might need. As a result, they boast of a robust range of products on their offline and online stores.

When they approached Ting for the first time, they had just one task for us - boost their ecommerce sales. It was up to us to come up with an effective mobile advertising and SEM marketing strategy for them. The platform of choice was Google Shopping and the biggest hurdle in our way was their extensive range of products. Our first task involved cleaning up their website and optimising it for our campaigns. Next, we undertook the massive quest of rewriting the 3000+ product descriptions to make it more search friendly. This was a monumental task given the nature and complexity of the products involved but the effort paid off in the end. And that's not all, we had a bunch of other tricks up our sleeves to ensure we put forth the best campaign possible.

The results were astounding to say the least. We managed to get the client a high yield on their spends - an average of AUD 48 for every AUD 1 spent and helped them meet their targets throughout. This was the perfect example of a Google Shopping campaign done right.


  • Google Shopping E-commerce Sales


  • Google Shopping - Product display ads


  • Account cleanup and restructuring

  • Rewriting keyword rich product descriptions – 3,000 + products

  • Multiple Google Feeds for online + retail stores

  • Geo targeted/fenced Ads

  • Period based gratification offers


  • High yield on spends - Avg. AUD 48 for every AUD 1 spent

  • 3,000 plus products information, description and data was organized and redone to suit sales

  • Multiple feeds were created due to various differences online and for retail stores