The one where we eff-ed people’s water

Tired of feeling confused and intimidated by nutrition advice? We were too. So, we jumped at the opportunity to talk about India’s first organic whole food multivitamin.

We could go on about the launch of one of our favourite brands.. or you could watch this video:


To launch India’s first certified organic whole food multivitamin – a delicious fizzy tablet packed with 39 nutrient-dense greens, fruits and veggies (phew.)

The Insight:

A unique product, with a ridiculously good amount of benefits and claims, seemed almost too good to be true. So, we decided to do something about it.






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YouTube, Amazon
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The Campaign

We planned our launch communication in phases, taking our consumers on a journey from its inception to usage. In addition to providing the usual digital marketing services for the brand, we created a quirky, young and caring personality for the brand as we went along to appeal to our TG and keep them engaged. And it worked! We increased our follower base from 0 to 6k – organically!

All the subsequent media planning and Amazon advertising only proved to be the cherry on this delicious, yet healthy cake!

Health Looks Good

A clean, yet personalized Shopify website helped the brand stand out in the midst of the avalanche of health and nutrition websites out there.


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Digital Ads

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Brand Video

Mini Campaign for Christmas:

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  • We sold over 10,000+ units in the span of 5 months, maintaining an ROI ratio of 1:5

  • Our communication reached over 3.4 million people with impressions of over 10 million

  • Our communication garnered at an average engagement rate of 24%