The #1 nail lacquer brand in the world goes desi!

We helped OPI launch its first-ever India collection and had the

#OPITribe be a part of it!


OPI's collections are a talking point around the world for how unique, fresh, and relevant to each country around the globe they are. OPI picks a country and curates a collection that is dedicated to it completely, in terms of the thought, the colors, the shade names, the brand and packaging and the communication that follows.


To launch a collection dedicated to India and get the

#OPITribe of India to be a part of the process too!

The Insight:

When tasked with the idea of crafting a campaign that celebrates a truly desi collection, we were hit with an overload of visual cues. Should we celebrate the hues of the heritage sites or draw inspiration from the shades of spices in our food? The answer lay in this confusion itself - we decided to celebrate the very chaos of the country and that's how our campaign was born.






Digital & Social


  • Microsite

The Campaign: The Colorful Chaos Of India

Owing to India's hospitality and culture of "oneness" – we thought, who better to curate the India collection than India itself? From carefully curating each of the five duo themed packs to finally hitting the shelves – we helped OPI win all of India's desi girls over with the #ColorfulChaosOfIndia collection! through the various social media marketing services we offer, we ensured the campaign created a resounding buzz with nail aficionados online.

Look & Feel


For the packaging of OPI's premiere India collection, our designers let their imaginations run wild amidst the chaos of the country. What did they come back with? These amazing designs of course!

How The Influencers Chipped In:

We wondered how to reach OPI's tribe in India most effectively and so, through influencer marketing, we tied up with six of the most influential faces of India – Kusha Kapila, Aashna Shroff, Alicia Souza, Daizy Batra, Nicole Concessao and Tanya Khanijow. These six influencers played an important role of curating the first shade of each pack.

Product Photoshoot

In order to do justice to our packaging, we also planned the entire photoshoot for the India collection. From conceptualizing the mood board and setting up every shot to executing the final frames with finesse, this was one shoot our photographers won't forget.

The #OPITribe lent a hand!

The first shade of each pack was picked by our influencers. The tribe got a chance to choose the second shade that best complimented the first one. We developed a microsite for OPI where the #OPITribe could vote for their favorite shades that stood a chance to become a part of its India collection. Together, OPI, six relatable content creators and thousands of Indians curated what we proudly rolled out as the Colorful Chaos of India collection.

Each themed duo pack, each animation video created, each shade, each idea, each name and each sentiment was loved and cherished by the desi girls of India. Not only were they elated to be a part of the collection, they welcomed it with open arms. It's safe to say, we nailed it!